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The Plant Nappy®

The Plant Nappy®

The Plant Nappy®

Plant Nappy sits under a huge range of machinery and hand-held equipment to absorb oil and fuels that prevents them from reaching the ground, protecting the environment.

Smart thinking in spill containment.

How It Works

The Plant Nappy product has been continually developed and tested, making it the market leading patented product we have today.

Side Wall

Allows rainfall and other water to escape at a considerablerate rate but also filters out any oil residue that may have been picked up by water.

Internal Base

The base offers rapid adsorption of oils and fuels, but more importantly traps the oil in one place.

The Plant Nappy® diagram


Liners offer the same features as the internal base but with one key difference, the liner is removable and reusable .

Base Layer

Base Layer
Abrasion Resistant Icon

Abrasion Resistant

To withstand the harshest of site environments, and still perform

Fire Retardent Icon

Fire Retardent

The product’s materials have been chosen to be self-extinguishing.

High Tenstile Strength Icon

High Tenstile Strength

Plant Nappy is made from the toughest materials, while also being portable and flexible.

UV Resistant Icon

UV Resistant

Excellent resistance to colour fade and UV breakdown.

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