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PlantMat Disposal

All waste transfers are subject to; All local regulations for Cites, Municipalities, State or Province 

PlantMat Disposal

How will I know when it's time to replace the PlantMat?

Although the PlantMat can be used on multiple occasions, once it reaches capacity it must be safely disposed of within; All local regulations

There will be a visual indicator (you will see a colour change where the spillage has been absorbed) and the PlantMat will become increasingly rigid when nearing capacity.

How To Dispose of a PlantMat

Is it contaminated?


If it is to be discarded then it will normally fall under waste of local regulations for absorbents, filter materials (including oil filters not otherwise specified), wiping cloths, protective clothing contaminated by dangerous substances.


Due to damage etc then it may be disposed of together with other wastes identified with the local waste code municipal waste.

For Construction Sites

If produced on a construction site then it will fall under local codes for mixed construction and demolition wastes .

Disposal of Multiple

For Uncontaminated PlantMat's

To be discarded or to be mixed with other absorbents; for local regulations of absorbents, filter materials, wiping cloths and protective clothing than .

Is it hazardous?

The PlantMat has no hazardous content

It is, however, designed to safely contain spills of substances that may be classified as hazardous as described in local Regulations

Still unsure of disposal?

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